The interstellar space has always intrigued and fascinated me. Scroll down for some interesting findings and documentaries.

The Great Conjunction

The gas giants

How often have you heard two massive planets being only 0.1 degree apart AND can be seen with the naked eye? At least for the last 800 years, no one has. What people call the “Great Conjunction of 2020” or “The Christmas Star” is actually the culmination of the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn coming …

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The Cluster of Rings! 🪐


What’s your favourite planet in the Solar System? Mine is Saturn, but not because of the crystal rings that surround it. Did you know that not only Saturn but also Uranus and Neptune have translucent rings? Saturn doesn’t sound so unique now does it?…but, the reason it’s my preferred pick is because of the various …

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A Lunar Adventure


23rd June 2075, the day everyone was waiting for! Chloe a thirteen-year-old, squealed with delight as she woke up at the break of dawn. It was the day when she and her friends finally got to go on the school week trip to Moon! Last year they went into the Earth’s atmosphere and learnt about the various layers live in space and the year before …

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The Lifecycle of Stars


The following steps are of the lifecycle of a star similar to the mass of our sun: 1. A mixture of dust, gas and elements – a glowing gas cloud that contains emission nebulas. An emission nebula is a cloud of hot, glowing cloud of gas and dust in space or a combination of elements. A gas cloud is the …

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Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Have you ever heard of polar lights? A stunning display of radiant dancing lights?  Aurora Borealis, sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights, or southern lights, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, primarily seen in the high-latitude regions. Natural occurrences like these have always intrigued me and I spend my free time researching and exploring more about such phenomenons.  The main cause of the occurrence of …

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