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Bipin Rawat – Paying tributes to India’s Greatest Generals


General Bipin Rawat, an Indian military officer was a four-star general of the Indian Army. He served as the first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces from January 2020 which ended in a tragic helicopter crash leading to his unfortunate demise, on 8th December 2021. Prior to CDS, he served as the Chief of Staff for the Indian Army. …

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The Bermuda Triangle


We all must have heard about the term “Bermuda Triangle” before. Known by various names like the Hoodoo Sea, The Limbo of the Lost or even the Devil’s Triangle, this region has become the centre of unsolved mysteries. Where is this cryptic section of the ocean located? It is a region in the western part …

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Israel – Hamas Ceasefire

Israel - Hamas Ceasefire

The Israel – Palestine conflict has been going on for decades with the most recent outbreak of violence which commenced last month on 10th May 2021. It was marked by protests, riots, rocket attacks by Hamas and Israeli airstrikes targeted on the Gaza strip. This violence continued for 11 days until an Egypt-mediated ceasefire was …

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The 63rd Grammys, 2021


The 63rd Grammys, 2021 is certainly one to make history. It switched between the indoor performance stage for the show’s set pieces and the outdoor set-up around the Los Angeles Convention Center surrounded with small tables of artists. The Grammys this year as well, brought along its share of snubs and surprises.   Hosted by the talented and highly effervescent Trevor Noah, the 2021 Grammys broke the gender bias with women winning the …

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Political Change in the US – 2021


As we all know, president-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on 20th January 2021 and will assume office as the 46th president of USA. So, what are the changes that this country will experience once Biden’s presidency starts? Democrat Joe Biden has been keeping a long list of actions he would like to carry out and reverse …

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Queen of Dissent

A diminutive 5 feet tall yet supremely influential and a pioneering advocate for women’s rights – Ruth Ginsberg. An associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 to 2020. She was the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been nicknamed “Notorious RBG” for her caustic contentions and her predilection for asking tough questions in a court that can tilt toward conservative decisions.   This hugely …

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US Presidential Elections

US Elections

Researching about the presumptive presidential nominee for the 2020 election– Joe Biden, got me thinking about how the election process in US works? I was intrigued about its process, the mechanism and the various proceduresinvolved. Is it similar to a democratic set up like India where people elect theirown leader or does it follow a …

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America’s hope – Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election is running against the incumbent Donald Trump. Biden was elected as the former vice president from 2009 to 2017 and he also represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate from 1973 to 2009. Biden is part of the democratic party which is the world’s oldest active political party which believes in high social and community responsibility.    So, what do we know about him?  Joe Biden briefly worked as an …

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Are Board Exams Worth it?


Pragya and her family were overjoyed. Applause and cheer were heard from two floors down. The reason for the reveller’s cheers was no big secret. ICSE board results had just been announced. Now, being an average scorer of 70-80% throughout, Pragya scored an exceptional 96% in her boards. Impressive isn’t it? While we all wonder …

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Explosion in Beirut


A seemingly ordinary day of August 4, 2020, in Beirut ended at a catastrophic note. An explosion at the Beirut port shook the Lebanese capital to bits and pieces. There was devastation everywhere. 130 people killed and over 5,000 injured are the casualty numbers. Wasn’t the Coronavirus pandemic enough to reign horror that we needed …

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Challenging Times

India under lockdown

“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.” This quote makes us realise that life has its own twists and turns, and some challenges leave a mark and prevent us from making repeated mistakes. The Corona Virus – a major challenge for us all, has brought the world to …

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