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900 Seconds Underwater

shark cage diving

It was almost time….  Beads of sweat roll down my black wetsuit and amalgamate into the puddle of saline water around my trembling feet. Apprehensively, I look around the boat, to see a few amateur divers like myself, sick and puking into the turquoise and turbulent waters, leaving behind a trail of chartreuse vomit. Briskly, …

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Alchemical Anarchy

science lab

The incandescent tube lights flickered momentarily and soon the massive expanse illuminated, revealing its contents. The familiar fourteen black marble tables were arranged into a composite grid of two rows and seven columns echoing a quartz-like cubic lattice. Cream coloured, circular stools shadowed the platforms and sent a stinging pain in my back just by their mere appearance. The off-white brick walls were lined with rusty, decrepit crimson cabinets clearly in dire need of being replaced. Turning 180 degrees from the platforms was the bare blackboard with “Texas Biomedical Research Institute” written in bold, yellow, familiar letters right at the top. It was followed by white chalky circular wipes, augmented by the black background. The deafening eerie silence in …

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The Bermuda Triangle


We all must have heard about the term “Bermuda Triangle” before. Known by various names like the Hoodoo Sea, The Limbo of the Lost or even the Devil’s Triangle, this region has become the centre of unsolved mysteries. Where is this cryptic section of the ocean located? It is a region in the western part …

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Are you left-handed?

Left handed

Handedness is known as an individual preference for the use of your hand. Right handedness and left-handedness are 2 types of hand preference that are well known, but there are some less common variations like mixed-handedness which is changing your hand preference depending on the task or ambidexterity which refers to having equal ability in both hands. Right …

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Mutating Viruses…


Writing a Fictional story ending with the line – Both of them left and he started wondering whether he had done the right thing. A cloudy winter night in San Francisco – San Jose on September 15th 1971, turned into something Dr Philip and Dr Rob never expected. The two bio-chemical scientists were good friends …

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Nature’s Getaway


Visiting Art Village – a unique farmhouse in Karjat is one of my most cherished lockdown memories. This farmhouse is a great get away from your daily monotonous lifestyles and adds colour through this creative and inspirational stay. Places are much more than the first impressions and my initial thoughts about this farmhouse greatly differed from what it actually was.  During my Diwali vacations, we visited Art Village …

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The Bigger Threat


The outbreak of the deadly corona virus, shook everyone to their core. Online school, lockdown and empty streets are now the new normal. Battling against this detrimental virus, I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but everyday humanity keeps proving me wrong.  Scrolling through the world’s recent happenings, I come across various eye gorging articles every day.  No, not the usual jumps in the COVID 19 cases, something …

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Freedom – My View


What does freedom mean to me?  Freedom  The leeway, the latitude, the abandon, the immunityNo chains and to fly high above with no strainsNo chains and to fly high above with no strains No limits, prejudices or discrimination, Your own freewill without any perception Freedom from racism – that incomprehensible notion! Black or white, brown or yellow some deter, some detain, some confront …

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The Nautical World


Around two years ago, my family and I went to Australia during my summer vacations. We visited many cities like Melbourne, GoldCoast, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane all in a total of 20 days. But my favourite of them all was Perth. Australia being surrounded by the mighty ocean on all sides has numerous beaches and …

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The Safari

African lion couple and safari jeep in the background

It was a sunny morning in the Masai Mara reserve, Kenya. As Fiona got into the jeep for the day’s safari, she hoped her wish of spotting a lion and completing the Big Five of the African wonderland after four futile days of game viewing.   She put on her sunglasses and sat down in her seat next to her family. The trip was quiet except for the …

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