Freedom – My View


What does freedom mean to me? 


The leeway, the latitude, the abandon, the immunity
No chains and to fly high above with no strains
No chains and to fly high above with no strains
No limits, prejudices or discrimination,
Your own freewill without any perception

Freedom from racism – that incomprehensible notion!
Black or white, brown or yellow
some deter, some detain, some confront
Oh, but to save a life – do not stutter
Black lives do matter

Freedom for women – so strenuous a sentiment?
Equal opportunity, equal pay, equal rights
Is it such a scary propensity?
To let us wear what we want,
Or to read what we want,
No No!
Men cannot fathom such absurdity.

Freedom isn’t just bound to the rights in our constitution,
it’s the freewill of our soul in unjust delusions
Freedom lives within every individual,
It can be found in situations truly unpredictable

Yet again what does freedom mean to me?
It is the leeway, the latitude, the abandon, the immunity.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom – My View”

  1. Rushali Mukesh Jain

    Couldn’t have said it any better❤️
    Freedom to me is flying out of the cage free…. Of being unapologetic… without prejudice, misogyny, judgement based on beauty, colour, rave , gender ….
    I m so proud of you Mileee for voicing your opinion in the world in form a blog at this very young age😍
    Continue to voice yourself, to give your perception out to the world❤️❤️❤️

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