The Cluster of Rings! 🪐


What’s your favourite planet in the Solar System? Mine is Saturn, but not because of the crystal rings that surround it. Did you know that not only Saturn but also Uranus and Neptune have translucent rings? Saturn doesn’t sound so unique now does it?…but, the reason it’s my preferred pick is because of the various cool facts associated with it. For example, you cant stand on Saturn, its mostly made of gas (helium) and hence it will float in water! And a year on Saturn is more than 29 earth years! – Way to grow old quickly…

The featured image here is a digital art piece I made recently using procreate. Procreate offers various brushes all with its own unique purpose. The different textures, luminesce effects, spray strokes, etc add variety and depth to the plain 2D drawings…Drop a comment and suggest what artworks I should do next!

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